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Secure, Managed Substation
Data Access and Integration

Substation Automation Solutions

A modern substation contains vast amounts of data, subsets of which are of interest to control center or enterprise applications and users. RuggedCom has dedicated itself to helping the electric utility industry access this data, process it into useful information and provide it in a useable format to a wide range of users and enterprise systems. RuggedCom is a recognized technology leader and offers its technology and expertise in three flexible product lines:

  • Our modular, Linux-based substation servers and front-end processors excel at accessing all types of IED data, and getting it to the clients that require it.

  • CrossBow™
  • An enterprise level solution for managing and securing remote maintenance access to field devices. Offers tremendous ease of use, and NERC CIP compliance.

  • Reflex™
  • RuggedCom's Reflex™ is a monitoring and control application purpose built for distribution networks, allowing the creation of systems that cover the spectrum from single user HMI to mobile distribution management to enterprise level SCADA.

Substation Automation Solutions