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RuggedCom Warranty

RuggedCom warrants to Purchaser that Products are free from defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years after shipment. This warranty is conditioned upon proper storage, installation, connection, operation, and maintenance of Products, prompt written notice to RuggedCom of any defects, and, if required, prompt availability of Products to RuggedCom for correction.

In case of Products with removable modules designed for field modification, the warranty covers manufacturing defects only and can only be maintained if field modifications are conducted in accordance with the factory installation instructions provided, carried out by skilled technicians and appropriate ESD measures are applied. The warranty does not cover damage caused to the Product or to any module or component during modification. RuggedCom recommends that any Product modification be carried out in the factory to ensure Products get appropriately retested, configured, labelled, and meet applicable standards and safety certifications.

This warranty shall be void in its entirety in the event of any use of Products for any applications that require product listing or qualification not specifically included in the RuggedCom written quotation or proposal. If any Product fails to conform to this warranty, Purchaser properly notifies RuggedCom of such failure, and Purchaser returns the Product to the RuggedCom factory for diagnosis (and pays all expenses for such return), RuggedCom shall correct any such failure by, at its sole discretion, either repairing any defective or damaged Product part(s) or making available, any necessary replacement part(s). Any Product repaired by RuggedCom shall be covered by this warranty for the longer of one (1) year from date of repair or the remainder of the original five (5) year warranty period.

This warranty shall be exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether statutory, express, oral or implied (including warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose and warranties arising from course of dealing or usage of trade), except title and patent infringement. RuggedCom shall perform Services in a manner consistent with the degree of care and skill ordinarily exercised by members of the same profession currently practicing under similar circumstances. RuggedCom does not warrant products or prototypes provided by RuggedCom for testing or marketing purposes. RuggedCom does not warrant non-RuggedCom products or services.