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Secure, Managed Substation

Data Access and Integration



Reflex™ HMI-SCADA: Monitoring
and Control for Distribution Systems

Reflex™ Datasheet

RuggedCom’s Reflex™ is a monitoring and control application purpose built for distribution networks, allowing the creation of systems that cover the spectrum from single user HMI to mobile distribution management to enterprise level SCADA. Utilities now have a cost-effective visualization facility to monitor, remotely control and report on their networks.

Rapid Development

Reflex's web and database-centric architecture allows for ultimate flexibility in getting projects developed quickly and cost effectively. Electric utility specific templates and graphic elements allow for rapid design and deployment. Many device types such as the 5800 Series of controls and IntelliRupters from S&C, along with SEL relays and Schneider power quality meters are supported out-of-the-box and are quickly configurable.

Cost Effective Client Access

With a web-launched Client architecture customers don’t have to choose only a select few to have the system on their computer. Any desktop, laptop or tablet capable of running Java or a web browser can have access to information.


Reflex's web-launched architecture also makes it easier than ever to support field personnel who need to securely monitor and control devices. No client software installation is required, just connect to the Reflex server like any other user.

IT Friendly

Reflex is based entirely on modern, cross-platform technology, such as web (HTTP+SSL), SQL databases, and Java. This insures that your investment is not boxed in to a specific database or operating system.

Ease of Use

The Reflex client is a simple point and click interface, allowing desktop or mobile users to quickly access devices and information summaries. For administrators, the Reflex Designer has a drag-and-drop designer interface with templates of pre-built, utility specific graphics. Changes made in Designer are immediately reflected in all Client views.


Reflex is based on modern software architecture and systems: Java, web servers, databases and protocols. Combined with advanced features like load-balancing clustering and client re-targeting, its scalability is exceptional. Data throughput on RuggedCom’s eLAN™ Front End Processors is proven at several utilities, handling systems that scale to many hundred thousand data points. From a single user HMI application to enterprise-wide SCADA that spans service territories via corporate WANs to the base for a future Distribution Management System, Reflex is designed to expand to virtually any customer’s requirements.


The Reflex was built with security in mind from the ground up. Communication channels are encrypted using SSL technology. SCADA projects use advanced role-based authentication, and can integrate seamlessly with corporate network security using Microsoft Active Directory®.


  • Single Line diagram with full graphics editor
  • Multiple protocol support in Front End Processor
  • Faceplate emulation of many IEDs
  • Alarm acknowledgement and summary
  • Sequence of events summary
  • Graphical trending of values
  • Extensive reporting facility
  • Historian option to record years of information