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RC-TFTP Functionality Now Available Through RuggedExplorer™

RuggedCom has introduced RuggedExplorer™ which has taken the place of the RC-TFTP utility.

RuggedExplorer™ is RuggedCom’s powerful tool to easily provision and configure new and existing ROS® based devices. RuggedExplorer™ can run on any LAN based MS Windows PC eliminating the need to connect a serial cable to any of the devices. Its built-in file transfer capabilities allow users to easily upload and download files and firmware from one convenient console.

The new features introduced in RuggedExplorer™ are shown below.




Upload Files to ROS®

Download files from ROS®

Clear Logs

Reset ROS®

Manually Add Device

Auto Discovery of Devices


Device Configuration


Group Configuration


Upload/Download Progress Indicators



For more information or to Download RuggedExplorer™ see the links below:


RuggedExplorer™ - Datasheet | Download | User Guide | Release Notes