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Secure, Managed Substation

Data Access and Integration

eLAN™Universal DNP Gateway

eLAN™ UDG Datasheet

The eLAN™ Universal DNP Gateway (UDG) is an off-the-shelf solution to a wide range of applications in systems using DNP 3.0, including:

  • Data concentrator
  • Serial to Ethernet (TCP/IP or UDP/IP) conversion
  • Device proxy server
  • Front end processor / sub master
  • Poll acceleration
  • Multi-master support
  • DNP Router
  • Encryption, using SSL
  • Authentication, using PKI

The eLAN™ UDG is based on the robust, flexible Linux architecture, and is available on a variety of diskless hardware platforms, and I/O configurations. The eLAN™ Configurator allows rapid configuration and deployment of UDG systems. The eLAN™ Universal DNP Gateway Application Guide provides additional details on applying the UDG in different real-world configurations.