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WiMAX Broadband


Rugged Rated

RuggedMAX™ is a high-performance, long range, secure family of products fully compliant with the WiMAX 802.16e Wave 2 (MIMO) mobile broadband wireless standard. RuggedMAX™ is designed to extend IP networks over large distances to fixed and mobile users. The product family includes a variety of base stations and subscriber stations with differing output powers, form factors and frequency options for use in licensed or license exempt bands. The RuggedMAX™ product family has gone through extensive end to end network interoperability testing to support multiple different ASN gateway platforms and 3rd party subscriber devices in order to give customers flexibility by leveraging the full WIMAX ecosystem. RuggedMAX™ with its compact form factor and flexible configuration is ideal for use in mission critical private networks.

Base Stations

WiMAX Base Station


High Power Base Station

WiMAX Base Station


Small Form Factor Base Station

Subscriber Units

WiMAX Subscriber Unit


Vehicular Subscriber Unit

WiMAX Subscriber Unit


Outdoor Subscriber Unit

Core Service Network Elements

WiMAX Access and Core Network

Core Service Network Family

Power Supplies (Serial/Ethernet)


Single Port 802.3at Power over Ethernet Injector