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IEC 62439-3 Redundant
Network Access Technology


RNA Module

Managed embedded PRP module

Datasheet/ User Guide

Product Description

RuggedCom RNA module provides Ethernet-equipped OEM devices with RuggedCom’s superior ROS managed layer-2 switching  features and IEC 62439-3 PRP network redundancy.

The RuggedCom RNA module supports 100Mbps link speeds and provides a fully compliant, interoperable IEC 62439-3 PRP feature set.


Product Features & Specifications

  • Can be integrated into IEDs and devices to provide IEC62439 support
  • Delivers unprecedented reliability, resilience to faults and performance for the most critical applications
  • Allows scalability by supporting multiple network topologies, eg: tree, ring, mesh, etc.


  • Substation automation networks compliant
    to IEC 61850
  • Reliable circuit breaker tripping via GOOSE
  • Guaranteed delivery of sampled measured values (SMV) on IEC 61850-9-2 process bus
  • High availability industrial control networks with zero failover time requirements
  • Time-critical and Safety-critical transport systems


RuggedSwitch® RS950G

Managed PRP Redundancy Box

Datasheet/ Installation Guide/ User Guide

Product Description

The latest redundancy protocol specified in IEC 62439-3, parallel redundancy protocol (PRP), ensures zero-millisecond failover operation. The RuggedSwitch RS950G is an IEC 62439-3 PRP redundancy box (RedBox). The RS950G provides the ultimate in network reliability from any network fault. This is achieved by simultaneously transmitting duplicate packets on independent routes through the network to provide complete path redundancy. In PRP networks the receiving nodes eliminate any redundant packets resulting in a truly seamless failover mechanism that is not compromised by switch, cable or transient failures.

Designed to operate reliably in harsh industrial environments the RS950G provides a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges typical of environments found in electric utility substations, process control, trackside rail or traffic control cabinets. An operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, optional conformal coating and a galvanized steel enclosure allows the RS950G to be deployed in almost any location.

Product Features & Specifications

Ethernet Ports

  • Optional 3 additional 100FX SFP
    Pluggable Fiber
  • 3 - 10/100BaseTX copper ports

Cyber Security Features

  • Multi-level user passwords
  • SSH/SSL (128-bit encryption)

RuggedRated™ for Reliability
in Harsh Environments

  • Immunity to EMI and heavy electrical surges
    • IEC 62439-3 PRP
    • Meets IEEE 1613
      (electric utility substations)
    • Exceeds IEC 61850-3
      (electric utility substations)
    • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature
    • No moving parts
  • Conformal coated printed circuit boards (optional)

Rugged Operating System (ROS®) Features

  • Port configuration, status, statistics, mirroring, security

Management Tools

  • Web-based, Telnet, CLI
  • Rich set of diagnostics with logging and alarms

Universal Power Supply Options

  • Fully integrated power supply
  • Universal high-voltage range: 88-300VDC or 85-264VAC
  • Dual low-voltage DC inputs:
    24VDC (10-36VDC) or 48VDC (36-72VDC)
  • Terminal blocks for reliable maintenance free connections