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RuggedEnclosure™ MX5000RE

MIL-STD Multi-Service Platform
with Enclosure


Product Description

Order your RuggedBackbone™ MX5000 pre-installed and cabled within the RuggedEnclosure™ for the industry’s most complete MIL-STD Ethernet switch offering.

Product Features & Specs

The RuggedEnclosure™ is a tough aluminum enclosure built to improve the MX5000’s already impressive shock and vibration performance and even further reduce, the already low, electronic emissions from the MX5000. The RuggedEnclosure™ uses EMI Glass and provides a patch panel with EMI gaskets to keep emissions at a minimum. This hard mounted enclosure when coupled with the MX5000 continues RuggedCom’s tradition of pioneering advanced networking solutions specifically for the harsh environments found in Military applications.

Lightweight Shock Test

This video shows the MX5000RE assembly withstanding a single blow during the demanding “Hammer Test”  taken during the MIL-S-901D High Impact Shock Test.


Test Facts:

  • The Hammer weighs 400lbs
  • The force implied: 1000Gs from the mounting plate
  • Total Number of hits taken: 9 blows
  • Packet Loss Statistics: Only 1 dropped packet throughout the test.
  • Applicable Standards:  MIL-S-901D High Impact Shock Test, Lightweight, Class I, Grade A, Type A, Unrestricted mounting orientation aboard ship.

Department of the Navy – MX5000RE Shock Test Approval Letter